Annie Jeffrey Thrift Shop Volunteers
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Annie Jeffrey Volunteers operate the Thrift Shop on the south side of the square in Osceola. The Thrift Shop has clothing for the entire family, household items and a variety of gifts. They accept cash and personal checks for the amount of purchase. Profits obtained from sales are contributed to the hospital and are used to purchase specialty items and fund special projects.

PO BOX 428
P: (402) 747-2031
Annie Jeffrey Volunteers donate $4,000 for Game Ready System

Thanks to funds from our wonderful volunteers at Annie Jeffrey Health Center the Physical Therapy Department has been able to purchase a Game Ready system. The Game Ready is a machine that provides a better way to ice and decrease inflammation. It allows us to adjust the temperature range from 34 degrees to 50 degrees. If a patient has sensitivity to cold, the temperature may be adjusted to their comfort level. It also eliminates the inadequacy of cold packs as they thaw out. The Game Ready also has a compression function that can help move swelling out of an injured area. For example, a patient in therapy after a total knee replacement would benefit from the consistent cold temperature and compression to both decrease pain and swelling. The Game Ready may be used for pain or injuries involving the shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle.

“On behalf of the staff and Board of Directors, we would like to thank the Volunteers for all they have done.  What a milestone this is for the Volunteers and our facility”, said Joe Lohrman, CEO, Annie Jeffrey Health Center.

“The organization is a great group of ladies that give their time and labor to the communities!  They operate a Thrift Shop in the community of Osceola and have it open over 900 hours a year.  They always have a smile and kind word for anyone that may venture in!  The shop does a great business and over the past 22 years has been able to donate almost $110,000.00 to the Annie Jeffrey Memorial County Health Center for the purchase of needed equipment!  That alone is an amazing feat considering most of the items in the shop sell for pennies on the dollar!

The Volunteers are also on hand to help with community projects, such as our local Easter Egg hunt held each year at our nursing home.  The Volunteers assist the residents in filling the eggs with candy and catch up on the local happenings as they complete their task!  It is a labor of love and enjoyed by all! They also help with the annual health fair, hold bake sales, help with the health center's golf tournament and any other community project that may need assistance!

The organization has over 60 members!  The membership comes from all parts of the county and surrounding area.  They also enjoy the social aspect of the group and often bridge the gaps that are often left in small, rural communities between the service organizations, churches, government programs and local businesses.

The Board of Directors and Staff of Annie Jeffrey are appreciative of everything the Volunteers do.”      

Hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Drop Offs: Donations of clothing, household goods, etc. are accepted during regular business hours.