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Foundation Donates for New 3D Mammography

The Foundation for Annie Jeffrey Board of Directors voted to donate $90,000 from their annual campaign to Annie Jeffrey Health Center to help upgrade our 2D Mammography to a new 3D Mammography. Three-dimensional (3D) mammography creates a 3D picture rather than a two-dimensional (2D) image of the breast. New information shows that almost 29% of invasive breast cancers are missed by 2D mammography. 3D mammography exams are also better for dense breasted women than 2D.  

The new 3D mammography has an evolutionary technology called SmartCurve that is clinically proven to deliver a more comfortable mammogram. The new 3D mammography at Annie Jeffrey Health Center gives you a state-of-the-art screening experience that delivers both accuracy and improved comfort.

Talk to your heath care provider about scheduling your annual mammogram.


Join with us in our HARVEST FOR A HEALTHY LIFE campaign by making a donation to the Foundation for Annie Jeffrey. Funds raised from this will go toward our annual campaign.

Donating grain, rather than cash, is a popular form of giving in our agricultural community. Farmers can donate grain before it is sold, saving on taxes. Producers gift a certain number of bushels to the Foundation and then the Foundation sells the grain.  The producer doesn’t have to claim the donated grain as income but can deduct the cost of raising those bushels.

All donors giving gifts accumulative of $1,000 or more will be recognized on our “Wall of Commitment”.

Tell your local elevator manager you’d like to make a grain donation to the Foundation for Annie Jeffrey today. Your donation is an investment in the health of your community. Donate today! 

Click here to download the Harvest for Healthy Life Intention form to get started.

Pictured left with 3D are Nataly Sanley and Michelle Pruter, Annie Jeffrey Radiology techs with Steven Peterson and John Girard, Foundation for Annie Jeffrey Board members and Joe Lohrman, Annie Jeffrey Health Center CEO. Pictured at right with 3D Mammo are Susan Chrastil, Foundation Director, Margie Hayes, Kathy Gabel, Mary Lerch and Karen Stevens, Foundation for Annie Jeffrey Board members.