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Annie Jeffrey Health Center is pleased with the addition of around-the-clock access to pharmacists who specialize in review of medications given during a hospital stay.  This enhancement to the service at Annie Jeffrey Health Center allows our staff to consult with clinically trained pharmacists to provide an added level of assurance for the staff, patients, and families.  Both ePharmacy and eEmergency are part of the suite of innovative technology applications developed to improve patient safety and support the rural health care workforce.

ePharmacy Benefits:

  • Improved patient safety through a decrease in medication errors and adverse drug events
  • Pharmacist resources available for medication consults 24/7
  • Better medication management for complex patients
  • Up-to-date medication profiles necessary for electronic medication administration records and bedside medication verification
  • Compliance with federal and The Joint Commission regulations

Mindy Bryan RN-BSN, Annie Jeffrey Health Center Pharmacy Director, says "ePharmacy gives us the ability to access a pharmacist 24 hours a day. This constant access to remote pharmacy support assures safer medication administration for patients as the medications ordered by a provider are entered into our electronic medical record by a pharmacist that has checked for appropriate doses, interactions with other medications, and allergies before the nurse administers the medication using the automated dispensing system.”